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  • Reading Transport Strategy 2036 – Statutory Consultation

    29 May 2020Reading Transport Strategy 2036 - Statutory Consultation

    Transport matters to all of us. It connects us with our workplaces, schools, friends and families. It affects our health, the air we breathe and the streets where we live. It helps our economy to grow and our town to thrive, and it can make the environment around us clean and friendly or dirty and dangerous.

  • Young people and coronavirus – share our survey about lockdown life in Reading

    28 May 2020Young people and coronavirus – share our survey about lockdown life in Reading

    Reading Voluntary Action and the University of Reading want to understand how coronavirus and living in lockdown has been affecting young people in Reading. We want to know how we can improve local services to meet the needs that are emerging as a result of Covid-19. Young people aged 11 to 19 are invited to take part in a survey to let us know about their views and experiences.

  • Lockdown learning with the WEA

    27 May 2020Lockdown learning with the WEA

    Since March, the WEA have moved quickly to move their courses on line. Over 700 tutors have now participated in a comprehensive training programme, and there are now over 500 courses up and running, including ESOL, Community Interpreting and a wide range of community learning courses which WEA are delivering free of charge this summer. In addition to formal courses the WEA has also extended their offer to include informal drop-in and taster sessions.

  • RVA launches digital inclusion survey

    25 May 2020RVA launches digital inclusion survey

    The Get Online Reading project has now been going for over five years. In that time we have seen over 5000 visitors at 1200+ drop-in sessions where we help people to get online using a computer, smartphone or tablet. With the current Covid-19 situation it has been necessary to discontinue drop-in sessions. Since this is likely to continue for some months, we need to look at innovative ways to help Reading’s digitally excluded people.

  • Resources to help organisations plan for the road ahead

    20 May 2020

    We have taken a closer look at the government’s recovery strategy and this article highlights some key things for your organisation to think about when planning your services for the coming months and links to some useful resources to help you assess risk. The government’s recovery strategy includes a phased approach to returning to life as close to normal as possible. The strategy sets out three phases for recovery but this is very much subject to the rate of infection decreasing.

  • #Coping guides for children, young people and families

    28 April 2020#Coping guides for children, young people and families

    #Coping is a new guide offering support to families struggling during the coronavirus lockdown. It has been produced by a group of leading local health and social care organisations and it signposts people to a range of information, and to groups in Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire who are experts in dealing with mental health, anxiety, stress, self care, wellbeing and sleep issues. The guide is being distributed via schools, the NHS, local authorities, and voluntary and community organisations.

  • How to hold remote committee meetings

    26 April 2020How to hold remote committee meetings

    Over the last month, charities and community groups have adapted to holding trustee meetings remotely. This may be a new process for many charities, whose trustees would normally meet in person. The Charity Commission has therefore issued a timely reminder of its guidance CC48: Charities and Meetings to help trustees to review the requirements of a valid meeting. This is particularly important at the moment as many charities will be making very important decisions.

  • Calling all trustees and managers: how can we help you?

    24 April 2020

    First of all, a big thank you to all those involved in social action in Reading! Not only those kindly volunteering on the front line, but also everyone behind the scenes: trustees, managers, ‘office’ staff, volunteer managers, fundraisers, treasurers, bookkeepers and more. We might not be able to see you in your home offices, but we know you’re there providing invaluable support, skills and experience to Reading’s charities.

  • Do you need more volunteers? Team Reading is ready for action

    21 April 2020Do you need more volunteers? Team Reading is ready for action

    There has been a fantastic response to the call for coronavirus response volunteers in Reading. Almost 2,000 people from across the town have registered to be part of Team Reading. Organisations who are currently registered with RVA can call upon this pool of volunteer support if you face increased demand for your vital services as a result of the outbreak. If you’d like to request support from Team Reading, please complete the new simplified form listed below.

  • BCF coronavirus funding update – rolling funding round

    21 April 2020BCF coronavirus funding update – rolling funding round

    Berkshire Community Foundation’s coronavirus support fund is open on a rolling basis. This means that applications received by 17:00 on a Wednesday are taken to the grants panel on the Friday each week. Successful groups will receive funding into their nominated account early the next week. Groups can apply for up to £5,000 under this fund. More details and eligibility requirements available online at