About us

Reading Neighbourhood Network (RNN) is an umbrella organisation of residents and neighbourhood groups active across Reading. We are an independent non-profit organisation dependent on grant funding and the work of volunteers. We provide information, support and training through peer support and events.

The network has two main aims:

  • to increase the level of community activity at a neighbourhood level
  • to increase the voice of residents through neighbourhood groups

Membership is free and open to all constituted neighbourhood groups who focus their activities on a particular neighbourhood in Reading and are open to all.

Groups that do not meet all these criteria but whose aims align with RNN’s are welcome to apply for associate membership – associate members can claim the benefits of RNN membership but do not have voting rights at RNN’s general meetings.

Also available is individual membership for anyone actively supporting our aims.

Download RNN’s constitution

All members’ benefits are subject to the availability of resources and the discretion of criteria set by our trustees.

To see some of the things RNN’s members can do for their communities, watch our videos on YouTube:

RNN review of 2015 What your neighbours have been doing in 2014