Meet Thames Valley Police’s Positive Action and Engagement Team

At Thames Valley Police (TVP), we aspire and are working hard towards having a police force that truly reflects the communities we serve. Our region is increasingly diverse and it is important our workforce reflects this, ensuring our officers, staff and volunteers are approachable and relatable to our communities.

Our Positive Action and Engagement Team (PAET) was set up just prior to the announcement of the National Police Officer Uplift Programme in October 2019, as the force recognised a need to improve representation to reflect the diverse communities it serves.

The team now comprises of five serving police officers: PC Pete Butt-Gow, PC Yasser Zubair, PC Shaharyar Khan,  PC Sylvia Masih-Gill, PC Misbah Ali, and is currently led by Acting Sergeant Lucy Williams, with Sergeant Reyan Al-Owaied taking the helm from summer 2022.

The team not only encourages individuals from our diverse communities to consider policing, but also helps to support and encourage applicants during the recruitment process; that support continues once student officers are in-force through signposting to mentoring and coaching.

To find out more about the Positive Action and Engagement Team (PAET) and the work that Thames Valley Police is doing to support access to aspiring people from all backgrounds interested in a career in policing, please visit

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