Interested in tenants’ rights? ACORN needs you!

The ACORN community union, representing tenants, is hoping to set up a branch in Reading. The union is about organising for a fairer deal for tenants and focuses on housing issues.

To establish a branch locally, ACORN needs to get a membership of 100. The union will then appoint a branch organiser, which is a paid role, but they need to see enough local support before they will invest in an employee. In Reading there are currently around 30 members, and ACORN is having a recruitment drive. After the pandemic we expect to see a rise in rent arrears, evictions and other housing issues. Membership is not expensive, starting at £3 a month for unwaged and going up to your hourly rate per month for earners.

If you are interested in joining and getting involved locally, please join the Acorn Reading Facebook group or call us on 07874 648282. You can also download a flyer here.

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