Growing up in Reading: Key findings from a report by RVA’s Youth Social Action Team

News from: Reading Voluntary Action

Reading Voluntary Action has published the key findings from research into what it’s like to grow up in Reading. The research was shaped and carried out by a Youth Social Action Team supported by RVA and the University of Reading Participation Lab. It was completed before the start of the pandemic, but the pandemic has made the priorities identified by the Youth Social Action Team – especially tackling loneliness among young people and supporting the diverse communities in Reading – even more urgent.

702 young people (aged 11-18) – from across Reading’s schools, colleges and youth organisations – participated in the research by either completing a questionnaire designed by the Youth Social Action Team or taking part in a focus group.

As a result of the research, the priorities identified by the Youth Social Action Team are:
-Mental health and wellbeing, especially tackling loneliness
-Being and feeling safe
-Creating a sense of community
-Widening the diversity of activities and opportunities available for young people

Download the report below to read more about the key findings on: voice and self-expression, life satisfaction, the future, challenges and changes needed, community in Reading, and issues important to young people.

Download a copy of Growing up in Reading here.

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