Compass Recovery College’s autumn schedule published

News from: Compass Recovery College

At Compass Recovery College we’re pleased to be able to share our new prospectus, schedule and newsletter with you.

We are running workshops both online and in person at a variety of venues. Just to name a few, we have co-produced new workshops around Autism Spectrum Disorder and Bipolar Disorders, we are exploring how we can Live a More Mindful Life and we have new workshops about Grieving Losses. We are working with the MERL again, this time on Singing for Health, and with Reading Rep Theatre to offer new Theatre and Creative Writing workshops. We are also bringing our Story Telling and Creative Writing workshops back in person and you can now find our Art Group at the Weller Centre.

We are also running our Being Kinder to Ourselves: Beginning Self-Care and Compassion workshops for health and social care professionals, online in September.

Further details can be downloaded here:

Compass prospectus Sept-Dec 2021

Compass schedule Sept-Dec 2021

Compass newsletter Sept 2021.

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