Event Information:

  • Thu

    An Introduction to Volunteer Management – Full Day Course

    10:15 - 16:15Reading Voluntary Action

    Third Floor, Reading Central Library, Abbey Square, Reading, RG1 3BQ

    Whether behind the scenes in an administrative role or working directly with clients, volunteers play a vital role in supporting the work of organisations across our town. For many organisations, without the work of volunteers, it would not be possible for them to deliver the services they provide in the way they do.

    Given the central role that volunteers play in allowing organisations to achieve their objectives, it is perhaps surprising that many of those responsible for managing volunteers receive little or no specialised training.

    This 1 day interactive session is designed to provide an overview of some of the key aspects to consider when involving volunteers in the work of your organisation, including:

    • First steps – a volunteer recruitment checklist.
    • Understanding volunteers’ desires – what motivates people to volunteer?
    • Standing out from the crowd – promoting your opportunities effectively.
    • Welcome aboard – integrating volunteers into your team and managing workloads.
    • Keeping it legal – exploring legal aspects of involving volunteers in your work.
    • Staying the course – keeping volunteers engaged and adapting to changing circumstances/ needs.

    Who should attend: This course is ideally suited to anyone who has responsibility for overseeing the work of volunteers, either as a Volunteer Manager or as part of a more wide-reaching role.

    Ideal for those new to working with volunteers or for those looking for a refresher, the session will provide opportunities to put theory into practice by giving opportunities to explore your own organisation’s needs.

    Cost and what is included: The cost is £10 for a full day and includes refreshments, a light lunch and materials.

    Please book online at, or contact RVA at if you have any questions.