Your Place Our Place urban room – programme for March 2022 announced

Your Place Our Place is one of the first pilots of the Community Consultation for Quality of Life project. It involves community consultation through activities at an Urban Room and a digital mapping tool.

Urban rooms are spaces in towns and cities which offer local communities a place to exhibit and discuss issues that affect the community around future development. This Urban Room in Broad Street Mall will be providing information to the local community about key issues such as the Reading Town Centre Strategy, offering a place for discussion to encourage awareness and connection between various communities.

The activities in the Urban Room are based on the weekly topic decided from our analysis of the Quality of Life framework and the Reading Town Centre Strategy by the local council. Once this pilot is completed at Reading, three similar Urban Rooms will be tested in Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast.

Your Place Our Place has announced the programme of events that will take place at Broad Street Mall through March 2022.

Go to the Eventbrite page to browse the range of events and activities and book free tickets.
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