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News from: Berkshire Community Foundation

Berkshire Community Foundation is asking for your views on issues facing people in Berkshire.

An estimated 98,000 people in Berkshire are family carers and the numbers are set to grow as more people live longer into older age. Vital Signs 2018 highlighted the stresses associated with combining care giving and paid work, concern that young carers should be enabled to reach their full potential and recognition that older carers are increasingly living with disabilities themselves.

Vital Signs 2019 therefore explores issues for people of all ages giving and receiving care, and wider factors that underpin wellbeing for people in Berkshire.

This Vital Signs survey is designed to help us understand the priorities of local people in relation to care needs in Berkshire communities.

By completing the survey, you could win £1,000 to be granted to a cause of your choice.

The survey can be completed online at

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