What’s new in the 2018 Annual Return?

News from: Reading Voluntary Action

Registered charities are required to keep their information up to date with the Charity Commission. One way of doing this is by completing an ‘Annual Return’.

See this factsheet for a background on Charity Reporting and Accounting, it includes an introduction to the ‘Annual Return’ and whether your charity is required to complete it each year.

The Charity Commission has extended the questions for the 2018 Annual Returns, so you will also need to provide:
-A breakdown of salaries across income band;
-How much funding you received from central government or local government through grants or contracts;
-Whether you received any income from outside of the UK;
-Whether any charity trustee resigned and took on a paid role at the charity;

The deadline for filing your Annual Return is within 10 months from the end of your financial year, so for charities with a 31 March FYE, you would need to file your Annual Return before 31 January the following year.

Further information: See the article at www.gov.uk from the Charity Commission for further details on the changes to the Annual Return.

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