Volunteering Conference 2015 – workshops announced

RVA’s third annual Volunteering Conference takes place on 25 September. As part of the day’s programme, delegates will be able to choose from 3 workshop themes which explore how local organisations can maximise the impact of their work through the mobilisation of the ‘volunteer workforce’.

“Volunteers will save the Day!!” – How do we manage with the increasing expectations being placed on volunteers to hold the line in a tightened funding environment.

“Volunteering for all?” – Which groups of people face barriers to getting involved, what are these barriers and how can we overcome them in a way that benefits all.

“A brave new world of corporate volunteering?” – With the introduction of the new 3 day paid volunteering policy around the corner what challenges does this bring and how do we make the most of the benefits.

These topics are aimed to have relevance to coordinators, managers and recruiters as well as to key members of your volunteer or trustee team.

The cost per person will be £20 including lunch, with a 50% discount for RVA member organisations. If you don’t know your members discount code, please email info@rva.org.uk including your organisation name and you will be provide with the code.

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