Volunteer to be an Air Quality Champion!

Reading Borough Council is seeking volunteers to become local Air Quality Champions and help spread its clean air and anti-idling message.

On ‘Clean Air Day’ – Thursday 20 June – the Council is holding a ‘no idling day’ and is appealing to local people to come forward and help persuade motorists to switch off their engines.

Volunteers receive training where they learn about the strong link between idling engines and poor health. They will be given tips on how best to approach drivers who have left car engines running, including providing them with information to help them quash some common myths like re-starting your engine burns more fuel than leaving it idling.

Drivers are also invited to become part of the campaign to improve air quality by switching off. The friendly and informative approach has had a 75% success rate when used in other towns or cities.

Volunteering is easy. Go to www.reading.gov.uk/idlingaction to register or to find out more.

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