Voluntary sector vaccine support helpline opens

News from: Reading Voluntary Action

Reading voluntary organisations are working together to support people to access their vaccine as they become eligible. RVA has opened a central helpline for carers, family, professionals and individuals in need of support: 0118 334 1091.

Support includes:
-Responding to a GP letter or confirming an appointment.
-Registering with a GP if required.
-Safe and friendly transport to and from a vaccine hub.
-Buddy around the hub, with language support if required.

Specific support may be available for:
-People with learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder or physical disability
-Fragile older people
-People with dementia
-People with communication impairments who are hard of hearing or have restricted sight
-Those struggling with anxiety or mental illness
-Refugees and asylum seekers
-Anyone who is digitally excluded
-People with potential language or cultural considerations.

If you are a family carer of someone with a learning disability you can also contact Reading Mencap directly by calling 0118 966 2518 or emailing familysupport-kate@readingmencap.org.uk. Download a leaflet with further information.

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