Voluntary sector vaccine support – helpline and information page

News from: Reading Voluntary Action (RVA)

Information on getting your Covid-19 and flu vaccines in Reading
We’ve updated our information page with links to information about getting Covid-19 and flu vaccinations in Reading this winter. Access it via the link below or via the RVA homepage. As we get more updates, for example, dates for the Health on the Move Van or community venues, we will add them here: www.rva.org.uk/vaccine-rollout.

Reading voluntary organisations are working together to support people to access their vaccine
This might mean helping to arrange safe and friendly transport to and from a vaccination centre, language support, or signposting to further information about where and when vaccinations can be accessed in Reading. If you or someone you know has questions about accessing a vaccine call 0118 334 1091 and we can answer your questions and help.

Read more about the vaccine support helpline here.

Can you support us to help people get vaccinated for Covid-19?
Reading Voluntary Action are working to improve information and access so that that no one is left behind. As part of this work, we will have access to vaccines and vaccinators in January to March 2021 that can be at venues in Reading. Do you have a community you think would benefit? Read more here.

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