The Care Act in Reading – have your say

News from: Reading Borough Council (RBC)

The Care Act 2014 updates over 60 years of law around adult social care in England. The changes affect how councils support people with care and support needs (whether they get support from the Council or not) and carers.

If you are already using Reading’s adult social care services, there will be no automatic changes to your support. You are most likely to notice changes at your review or if your needs change (whichever comes first).

Reading Borough Council already provides a lot of support that is mentioned in the Care Act – for example, providing information and advice to people, and supporting carers.

“We will be using the national guidance to make sure that our ways of working fully meet the new duties. In particular, carers, people who fund their own care, and people with new care and support needs will experience different support in line with the Care Act”.

Having your say

The Council will be talking to local people – both those who use care services already, and those who don’t – to help to shape their plans. They will work with partners such as the health services and organisations in the private and voluntary sector that provide care and support services. Here are some of the events where you can share your views (follow the link below for full details)

  • Carers Rights Day event – Friday 28th November
  • Reading Your Way session (for people with mental health needs) – Monday 1st December
  • Disabilities Working Group – Thursday 4th December
  • Talkback Matters session (for people with learning disabilities) – Tuesday 13th January
  • Older People’s Working Group – Friday 6th February

The formal consultation is now launched and will close on Monday 16th February 2015. Reading Borough Council will use the responses to help decide if the proposals go ahead.

A summary of the Care Act provisions and more detailed information about the areas included in the consultation can be found here The Care Act in Reading.

Here is the link to the on-line survey. From here you can have your say about all the areas of the Care Act, or just areas of particular interest.

If your organisation supports people with care and support needs, please encourage and support them to give their views as part of the consultation either through the on-line survey or at one of the consultation events listed.

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