The Berkshire Observatory

News from: Reading Borough Council

The Berkshire Observatory is a new, one-stop shop for data on the local population. It covers all six Berkshire local authorities, including Reading. The website,, offers a goldmine of local statistical information on the Reading population, at your fingertips.

What can I use it for?
The easy-to-use site lets you make data comparisons at a council level, ward level and/or smaller, within Reading, across Berkshire, the South East and England. You can use it to find out all sorts of information, including, for example, which ward has the highest rate of bicycle theft, which neighbourhood has the highest number of resident pre-school children or how Reading’s air quality compares to the national average.

Why use the data?
The major benefit of the site is the data you access is as up to date as possible. The interactive site brings together in one place, thousands of data indicators, dynamically pulled from public sources. It is automatically updated on a regular basis. Regular use of this invaluable resource can support your work and help inform your planning and fundraising.

To find out more about the site and how it works, join Poppy Barnard from the Public Health and Wellbeing Team for a guided tour of the site and a chance to try out the different tools. If you are interested please email the Wellbeing Team (see below). Alternatively, Poppy is happy to visit your organisation to provide a demonstration and answer your questions. Contact Poppy via or 01189 374332.

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