Take part in research at the University of Reading

This project explores what factors other than language influence how we communicate. Specifically, we assess how different conversation partners affect the way in which people communicate.

This study will help research on communication in people with or without brain impairments and may help people with acquired brain injury in the future.

What will I have to do?
You and your partner will visit the University of Reading twice, together. Both visits will last 2.5-3 hours and will be scheduled according to your availability. You will receive £5 each, per visit.
1. Background testing (questionnaires, task on a laptop, etc.).
2. Playing a game that requires you to communicate with another person. You will play the game with your partner, and with an unfamiliar partner.

-40-65 years of age
-No history of neurological or psychiatric illness
-Native speaker of English

For more information, please email Willemijn Doedens at w.j.doedens@pgr.reading.ac.uk.

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