Whitley Green Residents’ Association

Whitley Green Residents’ group was founded in 1994, by a group of residents who wanted to do an extra something for the area they live in. We work hard on all environmental issues, street lighting, roads and paths, abandoned vehicles, or anything that makes our estate a nicer place to live in. We work for all, tenants and home owners alike.
The object of the association is to promote the interest of all, to promote social activities and to remain a non-political group.
We cover Rowdell Drive, Exwick Square, Hawkchurch Road, Holberton Road, Wentworth Avenue and Foxhays Road. Whitley Wood Road (numbers 62-152). Hartland Road (165-251) Northumberland Avenue (433-563) and Alandale Close. To be a member, you must be 18 years of age or over.

RNN membership: Full member

Contact: Clodagh Lyford
Telephone: 0118 967 0213
Email: clodaghkennylyford@hotmail.co.uk

Contact address:
64 Whitley Wood Road