Oxford Road Timebank

Earn a time credit for every hour that you give helping someone else and spend your time credits on getting help in return.

Timebanks are a way of sharing what you’re good at and getting help back in return. For every hour that you give, you’ll earn 1 time credit that you can use to “buy” the help that you need – like gardening, cooking, filling in forms, playing an instrument, help getting out and about – almost anything, in fact. It’s free to join! It’s not about money – it’s about making your community a better place.

RNN membership: Full member
RNN contact person: David Neale

Contact: Donna Sibley
Telephone: 07497 183066
Email: admin@oxfordroadtimebank.org.uk
Web site: http://www.oxfordroadtimebank.org.uk
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Oxford-Road-Timebank-561572640555387/
Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/oxfordroadtimeb

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