Refill Reading reducing coffee cup waste

News from: Transition Town Reading

Refill Reading is a grassroots campaign started by Transition Town Reading. We are aiming to reduce the amount of disposable coffee cups going to landfill by encouraging people in our town to use reusable cups in cafes.

Why are we doing it?
It is estimated that in the UK, around eight million disposable cups are handed out by cafes every day, or approximately 2.5 billion annually. Most of these cups are not recyclable due to the plastic lining within the paper cup, and so the waste cups go to landfill, where they may take up to thirty years to break down.

The campaign has two main elements:
-Encouraging and promoting the use of reusable cups through discounts at local cafes
Typical discounts are 20p per drink. Cafes offering discounts have the Refill Reading logo in the window.
-Selling Refill Reading reusable cups
We are selling Refill Reading reusable Ecoffee cups through participating local cafes. Ecoffee cups are made from sustainable, naturally organic, naturally sterile bamboo fibre. The cups are 12oz in size and are light, hard-wearing and dishwasher safe. There are 250 limited edition Refill Reading cups, selling for the introductory campaign launch price of £5 at participating cafes.

Who is involved?
Cafes that are part of the scheme include Nomad Bakery, Picnic Foods, Shed, Boswells Cafe, Nibsy’s Coffee Shop, Palmer’s Cafe (Reading Museum), Sparks Cafe (SSE offices), Parkside Cafe and Waring’s Bakery (multiple cafes across Reading).

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