Recruiting for University of Reading Sleep Study

Sleep is an essential component of physical and emotional wellbeing, and lack or disruption to sleep is a highly prevalent problem. In recent years, a number of centuries-old herbal treatments to improve sleep have been investigated for their effectiveness to improve sleep and wellbeing.

This project will investigate the impact of a commercially available herbal extract on sleep quality and quantity, as well as mood and wellbeing, in adults aged 18-40 years with subjective mild sleep problems using objective and subjective measures over 4-weeks. The study involves three visits to the university alongside completing some home tests involving self-test stool, saliva and mood tests and wearing a wrist-secured ‘actiwatch’ whilst recording a daily sleep diary.

If you are interested please get in touch with Imogen Mathews at for more information. You can also download a flyer for the study.

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