Reading’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment now on-line

News from: Reading Borough Council

The local Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is a local assessment of the current and future health, social care and wellbeing needs of the local population in Reading. It looks at a wide range of factors that help shape the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and local communities such as education, employment and the environment. Each section includes an overview of the national picture before focusing on the local situation and local statistics.

Here are some short extracts for diabetes:

What do we know?

“There are two types of diabetes mellitus:
Type 1 diabetes (about 10% of people with diabetes have type-1), usually diagnosed in childhood or young adulthood, is caused by the failure of the pancreas to secrete insulin (the hormone which allows the body’s cells to use glucose) and nearly always has to be treated with insulin injections. In most cases, the cause of type-1 diabetes is unknown. This type of diabetes is not related to diet nor weight
Type 2 diabetes (about 90% of people with diabetes have type-2), occurs when the body cannot make enough insulin or when the insulin it does make does not work effectively”
Prevalence of diabetes in Reading

“Currently, around 5% of people registered with GP practices in Reading have received a diagnosis of diabetes (Health and Social Care Information Centre, 2015; Public Health England (PHOF), 2015), compared to 6.4% in all of England and 6.5% in local authority areas with similar levels of deprivation to Reading (the ‘fifth less deprived’ deprivation decile). Prevalence in Reading is rising and is expected to continue to rise”. It gives the estimated prevalence of diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes in Reading and England from 2012 through to 2030.

You can use the JSNA to find out more about health and wellbeing in your local communities using the Ward profiles.

It is a really useful resource and definitely worth having a look!

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