Reading SOUP: community-focused projects required

Reading SOUP is a community-focused, grassroots crowdfunding project, aiming to bring together like-minded individuals to share ideas aimed at benefiting the local community.

The Soup concept started in 2010 in Detroit, Michigan and has hit the headlines in the UK as the creative approach to fundraising has spread. It has since grown to a global network of grassroots events for funding small to medium sized projects through community meals. Projects have included installing free libraries at bus stops and developing coats for the homeless which double as sleeping bags.

At each Reading SOUP event, three Reading-based projects are invited to come and convince the audience to vote, and fund, their community project. The entrant with the most votes takes home the evening’s contributions.

Reading SOUP is constantly looking for exciting local projects and initiatives to fund. If you feel that your project would benefit from this crowdfunding opportunity, please get in touch with Reading SOUP via their website at

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