Central Reading locals take action to build community

The newly-constituted Victoria Park Community Group signed on the dotted line last week and celebrated their community coming together to become a voice for the area.

Residents in the area surrounding Great Knollys Street and George Street in central Reading first met online during the lockdown of 2020 after the posting of a local community survey of Victoria Park by resident and now Chair of the group, Maria Trevis. They all shared the wish to make their area a better place to live and after discussion with local Cllr Karen Rowland, who herself was part of a residents group south of the Oxford Road, were motivated to begin setting up an official group to have a greater say in what happens in their community.

By becoming a constituted organisation the Victoria Park Community Group will be able to promote the regeneration of the area and connect with residents, schools, businesses and the town Council on an official basis. Their aims are to:
-Bring residents together for activities that conserve, protect or improve the character of the area.
-Bring residents together for activities that reduce isolation and build community spirit.

Serving a particularly highly-populated area with social and economic deprivation, the Victoria Park Community Group hopes that with action and building of community spirit it will eventually see a visible positive effect on this neglected and often forgotten part of Reading.

The first trustees of the committee are Maria Trevis (Chairperson), Quinten Taylor (Secretary) and Mara Campbell (Treasurer). The group’s first campaigns include working with the council on the park improvements and organising a Jubilee celebration in Victoria Park. If you live in the area and are interested in getting involved as a volunteer with the group please contact: vicpkcommunity@outlook.com.

For more information please visit the group’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/vicpkcommunity.

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