Reading – Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places 2018

News from: Reading Borough Council

In accordance with the provisions of the Representation of the People Act 1983 and Section 16 of the Electoral Administration Act 2006, Reading Borough Council must undertake a review of the polling districts and polling places within its area every five years. Section 17 of the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 provides that the next such review must take place in the period of 16 months from 1 October 2018.

Maps and information relating to current electoral arrangements are available for inspection and are displayed at the Reading Civic Offices foyer, at Reading Central Library and Reading Borough Council website. Please find a map of current polling locations here.

As part of the review, any elector may make representations, which may include comments on current polling district boundaries and proposals for specified alternative polling places. In addition, comments are invited on the facilities for access to polling stations, and the Council will be consulting directly with persons with an expertise in relation to access and disability.

Comments are invited by 2 January 2019. If you wish to make any representations you should do so in writing to Electoral Services Manager by that date, by letter, or by e-mail, or through the Council’s website, using the contact points detailed below:

By post: Electoral Services Manager, Polling District/Places/Stations Review, Civic Offices, Bridge Street, Reading RG1 2LU.

Photo: Paul Gillett

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