ReadiBus unveils a new bus livery

News from: Readibus

ReadiBus – Reading’s alternative door-to-door bus service for people with restricted mobility – unveiled a new bus livery on Wednesday 10 April 2024 in Broad Street, Reading.

The ReadiBus has had a very distinctive burgundy and white livery since its inception. This is the first significant change to that bus livery in over 42 years. Back then, the mainstream buses were burgundy and white and the ReadiBus livery has been a derivation of that ever since.

The new ReadiBus livery is a reflection of today’s multi-coloured mainstream buses. There was also a practical consideration as ReadiBus’ current livery couldn’t be used on the newer low-floor ReadiBus, because it has much bigger windows, so something different was needed…

The new livery will further enhance the connection that ReadiBus is part of Reading’s public transport network. For people who are not able to use mainstream buses for the journeys that they need to make, ReadiBus is the only bus that they can use and so the service is an integral part of the network.

The Mayor of Reading, Cllr Tony Page, cut the ribbon to formally launch the new livery.

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