New Neighbourhood Teams rolled out in Reading

New Neighbourhood Teams are being rolled out across Reading this week as the Council puts in place a new way of working aimed at responding more effectively to resident’s concerns on environmental issues and anti-social behaviour.

A total of nine Neighbourhood Teams have been set up across Reading, responding to a range of neighbourhood issues including litter, graffiti, fly-tipping, grass cutting and maintenance of public spaces, crime and fear of crime, speeding, road safety and street drinking.

Every neighbourhood in Reading is different, with its own individual needs and characteristics. By basing a dedicated team in each community, the teams will become familiar with their own individual ‘patch,’ including the history and background to any local issues.

The Neighbourhood Teams are made up of a variety of existing streetcare, parks and open spaces, housing, anti-social behaviour and neighbourhood initiative officers. By working together in patch teams, they will be able to respond more quickly and effectively across a whole range of environmental issues.

The new area-based approach builds on the success of the recent ‘Love Clean Reading’ initiative, where a number of streetcare services were organised to target specific streets for a deep clean at the same time. More than 130 streets were ‘deep cleaned’ as part of Love Clean Reading, with more to come.

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