Multilingual coronavirus advice available

Doctors of the World are pleased to be able to share with you Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for patients in 34 languages, which were produced in partnership with the British Red Cross, Migrant Help and Clear Voice:

Advice is available in: English, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Czech, Dari, Farsi, French, Gujarati, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Hungarian, Kurdish Sorani, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Romanian, Sindhi, Slovak, Spanish, Somali, Tigrinya, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese.

The guidance is based on the government’s updated advice and health information. This will help to ensure this important guidance reaches migrant and asylum-seeking communities in the UK and other non-English speakers around the country.

Please share this information with patients, service users and your networks widely to reach out to all communities who would like this crucial information in their own language. You can find the translations on Google drive here.

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