Know your local noticeboards

by Rachel Goater (Development Officer, Community Involvement, Reading Voluntary Action)

24 April 2014
Reading is full of noticeboards, shops and community venues more than happy to display posters for community events, but where is your closest one and how do you access it?
A busy up-to-date noticeboard can really help to make an area feel active and alive, and also ensures you reach people you may not reach through social media and online promotion, but sometimes just knowing where they are or how to get your news in them can be quite a challenge!

This new Google map pinpoints many noticeboards around town to make easy for anyone to find where they can post posters about events and activities relevant to people in that area.

By visiting the map on Google maps at you can click the ‘link’ button at the top left hand corner of the map and copy the code saying ‘Paste HTML to embed in website’ and you can display the map on your own website too.

The map is fully editable so if you know more information about any local noticeboards, please do add to the map and encourage others to too!

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