It’s all about the groups: RNN Conference 2014 review

by David Neale (Reading Neighbourhood Network)

Many thanks to everyone who attended our second Neighbourhoods Conference at the Town Hall. It was an evening of lively discussion, with the theme ‘It’s all about the groups’: the coming year’s focus will be on all the neighbourhood groups around Reading, and how Reading Neighbourhood Network can help them to thrive. We showed a new video showcasing some of the wonderful work they do – you can view the full video at

Since starting at the end of 2012 RNN has managed to keep its operating costs to a minimum, with the result that we are in the fortunate position of having surplus funds available. We are keen to use these funds for the benefit our member groups and propose to offer small grants (up to £500) to groups for projects.

If you or your group have an idea for a community project that would benefit your neighbourhood we really want to hear from you! Remember that this funding offer will probably not be repeatable, so now really is your chance. You can download an application form from the link below – or please contact us at if you’d like to discuss your idea. We’ll have to distribute all our grants by March 2015, so don’t delay!

Please download the grant application form here: RNN grant application 2014-15. There will be two chances to apply, with deadlines of 31 December 2014 and 28 February 2015.

In the last year we have been aware that events are needed in between our annual conferences to bring neighbours together and exchange ideas, and as a result we held our Spring Gathering in April 2014. During the coming year we intend to hold more events of this type and hope to offer at least two opportunities for neighbourhood groups to meet – please contact us if you have suggestions for the format of these events, and keep watching our newsletter and website for details.

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  1. RNN does a good job

    Whatever activity taking place in your Neighbourhood Network group;

    When “Halloween set to be warmest on record”~BBC, it´s time to sit up & take notices.

    “Consider Climate Change in every action”~Climate Change Centre Reading (CCCRdg). We are a climate change interest group for green development in Reading, UK

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