How technology can help to alleviate loneliness and social isolation

News from: Reading Voluntary Action

Many of us would probably agree that while TV, radio and online support do not provide The Answer to loneliness and social isolation, they can be a valuable part of a package of support for many people.

Research by WaveLength: The charity WaveLength gives radios, televisions, and tablet computers to people who are lonely and can’t afford to buy the devices themselves. WaveLength commissioned the University of York to assess how the gift of technology impacted people’s loneliness levels. They are now keen to expand this work, exploring how and when technology can be used most effectively to alleviate loneliness for people from a range of backgrounds.

They would like to get in touch with charities that might benefit from new pieces of technology, and academics, organisations, and charities, who want to explore the role technology can play in reducing loneliness.

Connec’s Online Befriender: Danish company connec is looking for researchers, community organisations and local councils to collaborate on expanding their Online Befriender platform to the UK, please contact them if you’re interested.

Further information: Rhiannon Stocking-Williams, RVA’s Ready Friends Coordinator, would be interested to hear from any local community groups and organisations with experience of online befriending services – what works, what doesn’t and whether there’s any interest in piloting something locally. Email

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