Are you holding a Big Lunch party?

by David Neale (Reading Neighbourhood Network)

Are you celebrating the Big Lunch this year? The Big Lunch is on 17-18 June, and this also coincides with the Great Get-Together, a nationwide event in memory of Jo Cox MP, who was killed last June. Some areas are holding their events on the weekend of July 1-2 to include the local Muslim population, since the Big Lunch weekend falls during Ramadan this year.

Reading Borough Council has closed its window for street closure applications for the Big Lunch, but if you haven’t managed to submit an application or your street isn’t suitable for a party there are plenty of other options.

If you can’t arrange your party for the Big Lunch weekend or your street could not be closed (for example, if it’s on a bus route) you can still hold a party with your neighbours if it doesn’t require a road closure. Take a look around your area – there may be a verge, park, school playground or other space you can use. Go to for some great ideas for your event!

Enjoy your party and don’t forget to tell us about it – send in your story and pictures to

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