The Hero Project 2013

Do you know a homeowner in need of a hero?

With Christmas just round the corner, MyBuilder wants to spread the festive spirit by helping homeowners in need. It is joining forces with generous tradesmen to take on repairs and small projects for homeowners who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get the job done.

Christmas is not only a time for giving and receiving but also a time to stop and think about those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

As part of the 2013 Hero Project MyBuilder is pledging to donate the materials (up to £100 value) and its tradesmen are donating a day of their time to get small jobs or projects done for struggling homeowners. We’re not talking major renovations but those smaller jobs like repairing a boiler, fixing a leak, repairing a wall, or mending a cupboard, that can still mean a lot and make a difference.

Ryan Notz, Founder of MyBuilder, said: “We know at MyBuilder what big hearts our tradesmen have and that they’re not just good at their jobs, they care about people. That’s why we’re running this project. It’s a great reflection of what we believe in.”

MyBuilder’s Hero Project runs until Sunday 15 December 2013.

If you know anybody who could benefit from this scheme please let them know and come back to us at RVA to let us know how they got on.

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