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The Reading Borough Council Digital Team are working to improve the Council’s website. We’d like residents to be able find the information they need on the website and interact with the Council simply, quickly and efficiently. To help us do this, we’d like to spend some time with residents to understand their needs and find out how they think the website can be improved.

What we’d like to test
-Finding specific information.
-Reading and understanding instructions about how to do something.
-Completing a task, like reporting a missed bin collection.

We are running multiple testing sessions between February and April 2022.

How to get involved
1. Complete this form to share your details with us.
2. We’ll then contact you to organise a time that suits you.
3. To take part, you must have a device (for example, mobile phone or computer) that has an internet connection and enables you to join a remote video call and share your screen with us.

What happens during the research session
-Each session should last around 60 minutes.
-There’ll be 2 researchers on the call. One will guide the conversation and the other will take notes.
-The session will be recorded with your permission.
-The researcher will ask you some questions about your experiences with the Council website. They’ll also share a prototype of the website with you and ask you to find some information or complete a task.
-The researcher will make sure the session feels relaxed and informal. We’ll make time for breaks and can adapt the session based on your needs.

If you have any questions about the research, get in touch with Kati Pihko at

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