Grow Your Tenner!

This is a great opportunity to double the value of donations through

Any donation or other money that is banked through will be matched to a maximum value of £10 until all of the money has run out. And there is over £500,000 in the match pot.

Also, any monthly direct debits that are set up will be matched for the first 6 months to a maximum value of £10.

If you are already registered with, ensure that your subscription is up to date.

If your group is not registered with and you would like to take part you can go to and sign up. If you are going to do this it is best to contact Dave Soper at Berkshire Community Foundation first (

There are some restrictions. There is a maximum of £2,000 for most groups to match in one off £10 matches, though it is going to be slightly more for groups in Berkshire and a maximum of £10,000 through the direct debit scheme, though this equates to 166 direct debits at £10 each.

Any one donor can only make a maximum of £100 (10 x £10) in one off matches to any group and can only set up one direct debit to any one group.

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