Do you know anyone who has started to get Freeview TV interference?

The arrival of 4G mobile phone services in the Reading area may cause problems with Freeview TV services, leading to a loss of sound, blocky images, or loss of some or all TV channels for a small number of households. People you support may turn to you for help and guidance.

Households affected by 4G disruption will have only noticed this recently, and they are likely to have received a postcard from the organisation called at800, warning that their Freeview TV reception could be disrupted. Households that are affected can be provided with a free at800 Filter, which will make the TV less sensitive to 4G transmissions.

Viewers can access help by calling the at800 Contact Centre on 0333 3131 800 or 0808 1313 800.

If you come into contact with older people and people who have a disability or are blind or partially sighted, it will be helpful for you to be aware of the support that is available from at800, in case you receive a query from someone whose television seems that it may have been affected.

For more information, you can visit the website at

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