Free online courses to help carers

With the current coronavirus emergency situation and recent advice for people over 70, and those with serious health conditions to stop non-essential contact with others for 12 weeks, it is easy to see how carers of people living with dementia and their families may become socially isolated.

FutureLearn are offering free online courses for carers of people with dementia which may be a valuable resource in supporting some of the most vulnerable people in the community. Without the support of family, friends and social groups, carers may feel increasingly isolated and distressed. Their courses, Dementia care: Living well as dementia progresses and Dementia Care: Staying Connected and Living Well may be able to offer support during these uncertain and difficult times in two key ways – enabling carers to stay connected to others, and accessing useful online resources and tips on recognising and maanging their support needs.

In addition, the courses could also be a helpful resource for practitioners and students. The courses are both currently open. They are currently exploring options to keep the courses open for longer and support as many people as possible.
Further information:
-Free online course: Dementia care: Living well as dementia progresses

-Free online course: Dementia Care: Staying Connected and Living Well

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