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In January 2020, The Real Business Club will be delivering masterclasses in Reading to help businesses be more productive and grow. These workshops are available and free to everyone, no matter what kind of business they may own or run. Others who have attended consistently give great feedback on the benefits of attending, including clear explanations, practicality and relevance, and professional delivery from real business owners.

Finance Masterclasses for Small Business Owners: The workshop runs from 16:00 – 18:30 at The Curious Lounge, 20 Tudor Road, Reading, RG1 1NH
-Thursday 30 January: Tax and Finance Essentials
-Thursday 13 February: Records and Cost Management
-Thursday 27 February: Pricing and Sales
-Thursday 12 March: Cash Flow and Getting Paid
-Thursday 26 March: Long Term Financial Decisions

Marketing and Sales Masterclasses for Businesses: The workshop runs from 16:00 – 18:30 also at the Curious Lounge
-Thursday 6 February: Marketing Planning and Strategy
-Thursday 20 February: Website and Social Media
-Thursday 5 March: Using Customer Information Legally
-Thursday 19 March: Customer Engagement
-Thursday 2 April: Plan a Sales Strategy

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