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  • Mon

    Setting up a trauma-informed community in Reading – film screening and workshop

    09:30 - 12:30St Agnes Church

    Northumberland Avenue, Whitley, Reading RG2 8DD

    An ambitious initiative to improve the city’s mental health by making knowledge of psychology widespread is to be launched this October with two screenings of the ground-breaking documentary Resilience.

    The initiative will aim to spread ‘trauma-informed’ knowledge to frontline professionals in key sectors, as well as the general public. ‘Trauma-informed’ refers to a person or service that is aware of how traumatic experiences in childhood, like abuse or neglect, can affect the brain and how best to work with people who have experienced this.

    Anyone who has had mental health issues, or knows anyone who has been excluded from school or been in jail for anti-social behaviour, may be interested to learn how what has happened in childhood can affect many aspects of life in later years. We need to be asking ‘What happened to you?’ not ‘What’s wrong with you?’

    The film Resilience not only explains the science behind this, but also chronicles how a movement in the United States has successfully integrated this knowledge into various services, savings hundreds of millions of dollars and helping tens of thousands of people.

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