Event Information:

  • Mon

    Reading Climate Forum: Ground Source Heat Pumps


    35-39 London Street, Reading RG1 4PS

    Reading is uniquely placed to decarbonise its heat demand by virtue of its unique underlying geology.  The water flowing in the fractured chalk layers between 20 and 200 metres beneath the surface provides a shallow geothermal resource whose heat could be concentrated using ground source heat pumps to provide space and water heating for all Reading’s dwellings.

    In this talk Dr Rayner Mayer will describe: what are heat pumps, how they work, and how their large scale deployment could benefit both Reading’s citizens and reduce the production of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

    The talk will be followed by a discussion about the desirability of undertaking a monitored trial in Reading by retrofitting a group of dwellings with higher levels of insulation and providing geothermal heating via a small district heating scheme.

    Note: if Global Cafe is closed access to the main hall is via side passage to rear of the building, or from East Street.