Event Information:

  • Fri

    Rose Centre women’s drop in

    10:00 - 13:00Community Centre (Old Gatehouse Battle Hospital site)

    344 Oxford Road, Reading RG30 1AF

    Dr. Rashmi Shankar will be leading a workshop on how to deal with anxiety and depression, with a session on mindfulness at the end.

    Our modern Western lifestyle presents an array of competing challenges and it can get hard to juggle everything. Add to this mix trauma, times of duress, grief, loss or general low mood, and anxiety and/or depression can set in. We can end up feeling despondent, worrying about the future, or just how to get through the day.

    Our mental health is key to our happiness and wellbeing. A range of normal human emotions is healthy and it is beneficial to allow these emotions, positive or negative to flow. However sometimes we can get trapped in a state of negative emotion and it can be hard to shake it off.

    Dr. Rashmi will offer tools and practical advice on how to deal with anxiety and depression, in a safe space where women can find support, tell their story or simply listen to others.

    As usual, we will have an amazing selection of organic Ayurvedic herbal teas, coffee, cakes, nibbles, savoury snacks and smiling faces to welcome you!