Could your organisation benefit from the efforts of a young volunteer?

by Ana de la Barreda (Reading Voluntary Action)

RVA Youth has worked with a number of organisations to help them harness the skills, talents and enthusiasm young volunteers can bring. Having successfully completed a range of projects we are now seeking to expand access to the benefits an RVA Youth volunteer can bring to more local organisations.

What is RVA Youth? 

RVA Youth is an innovative scheme run by Reading Voluntary Action designed to allow more young people (16-24) to get involved and benefit from volunteering. We do this working with local not-for-profit organisations to build projects with a specific outcome and lasting 10, 20 or 30+ hours.

We work with organisations to structure work they need volunteer support to achieve, into a project format with a definite outcome in mind. By making the volunteering experience meaningful and impactful young volunteers are more likely to retain motivation to the benefit of your organisation and those you support.

We are seeking to engage with a wider range of organisations, offering a more diverse range of projects. We are keen to hear from anyone who thinks they have an appropriate project but are especially interested in groups seeking:

  • Social media and web design support.
  • Activities for social groups of all age.
  • Event management and promotion.

What’s in it for you?

Well, apart from benefiting from the skills and talents of a young volunteer, RVA Youth can help your organisation by:

    • Assisting in the construction of projects with tangible outcomes.
    • Providing ongoing support for young volunteers whilst they complete the project.
    • Access to an enabling fund to help cover the volunteers’ expenses/ training and material costs.

Are you interested? Contact to find out more.

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