Community orchard seeking a home!

by Rachel Miller (Communications Officer: Transition Reading)

Over the past two winters, Transition Town Reading have been planting community orchards around Reading; in Waterloo Meadows, Prospect Park and two sites in Woodley.

The fifth site was due to be on Thameside Promenade, but due to the flooding this is no longer a viable option.

Fruit trees have to be planted in late winter / early spring and ideally the 20 remaining fruit trees should be planted by the end of March. We are currently seeking a new location to create a community orchard. It is also possible that a smaller number of trees could go to several locations.

If you think you are involved with a community space that could accommodate and benefit from some fruit trees, Transition Town Reading volunteers will come and plant them with you (or pass them on to you to plant if you prefer).

If the land is not owned by you or the group you are involved in, permission will be required from the council / land owner first. The only rule we have is that the trees and the fruit on them will be publicly accessible.

Please get in touch as soon as possible as time is running out! Alternatively, if we cannot find a permanent home for these trees, if anywhere might be willing to home them temporarily for replanting next winter, we would also like to hear from you.

Either contact or call 07733247573

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