Building Berkshire Together – have your say on creating a new hospital

News from: Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust is beginning a major modernisation of its services and buildings involving the investment of hundreds of millions of pounds over the course of the next ten years. They want to work with local residents to create a new hospital, fit for the 21st century. They are calling this new project Building Berkshire Together:
Our dual objectives are to develop and deliver outstanding NHS services in a manner fit for the 21st century and to play a greater part in the growth and development of our local economy.

We started to develop our long term thinking on this some time ago and we are now able to make rapid progress because the Department of Health and Social Care recently published a Health Infrastructure Plan that provides the funding for 40 new hospitals building projects over the next 10 years.

We have been chosen as one of the NHS Trusts to receive funding to develop plans for a new hospital. It could be a completely new hospital, or it could be a combination of new building and refurbishment. We will submit our initial thinking to the government later this year.

And now… we need to know what you think and what you want from your local hospital. Over the coming months we will be seeking the views of many local people but if you would like to know more about how we are Building Berkshire Together please visit our website and tell us what you think by completing our survey.

Take part in the survey: Go the the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust website ( and click ‘Building Berkshire Together’ on the left-hand side.

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