Would you like to help a neighbour and appear on TV?

The BBC is proposing a new series, presented by Paul Martin of Flog It, that will bring a street and a community together to help out a deserving neighbour. The twist to the story is that the worthy nominee will not be told the money being raised is for them, until it is revealed at the very end.

Neighbours will be asked to donate unwanted and unloved items, which will be auctioned to raise money, and the programme will culminate in a ‘pop up’ auction, hosted by Paul, right in the heart of where they live. It’s the finale where all the neighbours’ hard work comes together to raise money. There will be a street party atmosphere with stalls and other fund raising initiatives, which will all add to the total being raised. At the end of the event, the grand total will be announced … it’s at this moment we find out the true neighbour for whom all this money has been raised.

Do you know of anyone who could do with extra support or something that would give them a real boost? They are looking for people who may well help others out at different times, but might be struggling a bit themselves. Perhaps there is a carer who could do with some pampering; a widower finding it hard to keep his wife’s precious rose garden growing in the way she would have wanted it or an elderly stalwart of the community, now finding it hard to get around, whose life would be transformed by a mobility scooter? We – as friends and neighbours – may just be able to help!

If you would like more information or feel you might know of someone who could be nominated, please contact series producer Julia Foot on 0117 974 2226 or email julia.foot@bbc.co.uk

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