11% of Reading residents are lonely most of the time: together we can change that

News from: Reading Voluntary Action

Throughout April and May, Reading Voluntary Action, in partnership with a range of local voluntary organisations and Reading Borough Council, conducted a town-wide questionnaire to gain insight into loneliness and isolation. Nearly 500 people filled out the survey in libraries, GPs surgeries, at local charities they are involved with, in town with community researchers, in shopping centres and online. This ensured that results were gathered from a wide cross-section of ages, areas of Reading, backgrounds and personal circumstances.

The survey highlighted some key facts
-11% of respondents are ‘often or always lonely’
-47% of respondents are lonely at some point every week.
-Over half of all respondents feel like they would like more social contacts or friends
-The biggest barrier to not accessing social activity what ‘not knowing what was going on’ followed by ‘transport difficulties’ & ‘lack of confidence’ to attend new social groups
-20% of all respondents have spent time with people socially no more than 2 times in the past fortnight.

These results have informed us that it is essential we take action to reduce loneliness in Reading, and make it easier for all residents to be involved in creating that change. Therefore we are inviting all residents to become Champions to End Loneliness. As a champion, you would receive regular emails on how you can help reduce loneliness through opportunities to volunteer and events, support to set up your own neighbourly activities, telling your friends and neighbours what we’re doing and more.

For more information about the survey see the original article at rva.org.uk or to find out about becoming a Champion to End Loneliness please see rva.org.uk/volop/champions-to-end-loneliness/.


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